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Rachel May launch in St Ives

At the end of May, we launched Rachel May. After an extensive refit including, a new centreline, reframing and some replanking, she sat quite high on her waterline and was sculled around the harbour by Ester and Phil, children of Martin Roach, St Ives boatbuilder....

Gaff for Ester

An exact copy of Ester's original Gaff. The only difference we allowed ourselves was the stave construction: originally two pieces of sitka spruce were painstakingly hollowed out, whereas we used six bevelled and tapered staves of sitka spruce. Images Leif Wikberg

Ester wins La Belle Classe Restoration Prize

On Sunday, the Ester team (missing a few key members and owners who had to travel home) were at the award ceremony in Monaco Classic week to witness Bo and Laurence receive La Belle Classe Restoration prize 2019. thank you Yacht Club de Monaco / Studio Borlenghi for...

Ester’s Balanced Rudder

Last year, naval architect Juliane Hempel specified a Wortmann profile and a 16.7% pre-balance (I'm learning to speak architect lingo day by day). After quite a few iterations to and froing between Germany and Sweden/Cornwall, we got to a design that we all agreed on...

Mast Hoop Toggle

In 1901, the racing yacht Ester used mast hoops to fasten her mainsail luff to the mast. The luff was attached to the hoops in some way that allowed crew to reef the sail easily. Per Hellgren suggested that I make a design for a toggle to do the job of attaching the...

Gerd Löhmann Dinghy

Gerd Lohmann allowed me to use his design to build this clinker punt. It's build in Sapeli with iroko garboards, oak ribs and knees and copper fastened throughout.