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Ajax is a 28′ traditional working boat from the west. Perhaps the west of England. Perhaps the west of France. She may well have been a lugger and did in fact have a mortise in her mast step quite a far into the front of the boat. This mast step is the only remaining piece of the original boat. On the underside are carved the letters RNA. This is a mystery.

She has a 9′ beam, a 4′ draught and a gaff cutter rig. She was allegedly built as long ago as 1884.

In 2012, she was no longer in a seaworthy state. Restoration work uncovered many underlying issues that were considerable. The boat was measured and a lines plan was drawn up.

The rig and deck layout were changed many times over the life of the boat and may legitimately be redesigned. This aspect of the build should be considered by a naval architect.