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Month: October 2017

New bulwarks on Galilee

New bulwarks on Galilee In 2015 the new owner of the Franchise brought the boat from Ullapool back to Newlyn. Her name was changed to the Galilee. Over the following years we replaced the sides of most of the oak stanchions, some deck blocking, sheer strakes, bulwarks, cappings, apron bolts,...

Veryan repairs

Veryan repairs The conscientious owner of quay punt Veryan incurred some damage to his cockpit when a fishing boat unintentionally rammed his bumpkin. It was repaired using as little new wood as possible whilst maintaining the functionality of the structure.

Ægir in Stockholm

Ægir in Stockholm In 2016 my friend Fredrik suggested that we remove the top two planks from both sides of his Colin Archer pilot boat. We replaced the planks and added a little thickness to the sheer strakes because we had the thickness in the oak! We fastened them on and painted it...