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1884 Working boat – Ajax

1884 Working boat – Ajax Ajax is a 28′ traditional working boat from the west. Perhaps the west of England. Perhaps the west of France. She may well have been a lugger and did in fact have a mortise in her mast step quite a far into the front of the boat. This mast step is the only...

Photogrammetry and 3D

Photogrammetry and 3D Having seen some of the 3D models generated by Solosails, I wanted to try out some of the software they were using to generate an accurate 3D model of a punt of some local significance. Having created pointcloud representing the shape of the boat, a series of lines...

Ester’s Balanced Rudder

Ester’s Balanced Rudder Last year, naval architect Juliane Hempel specified a Wortmann profile and a 16.7% pre-balance (I’m learning to speak architect lingo day by day). After quite a few iterations to and froing between Germany and Sweden/Cornwall, we got to a design that we all...

Mast Hoop Toggle

Mast Hoop Toggle In 1901, the racing yacht Ester used mast hoops to fasten her mainsail luff to the mast. The luff was attached to the hoops in some way that allowed crew to reef the sail easily. Per Hellgren suggested that I make a design for a toggle to do the job of attaching the...

Sheet leads and span retainers

Sheet leads and span retainers These bronze fittings were designed and made in tin bronze for a small gaff. It belongs to a C-class tosher sailing witht he working boat fleet in Falmouth.

Branding Irons

Branding Irons We have made a few branding irons for various makers, including Atelier Gourlaouen, Duchy Joinery, and Alex Etourneau.