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Spars and Oars

Spars and Oars Together with Bo Eriksson’s team, we are building hollow spruce spars to Julianne Hempel’s specification for Ester. Ester is a 1901 fin keel racer designed by Gunnar Mellgren. She will be launched this summer 2019 in Monaco. A sitka spruce gaff was made to...

Sheet leads and span retainers

Sheet leads and span retainers These bronze fittings were designed and made in tin bronze for a small gaff. It belongs to a C-class tosher sailing witht he working boat fleet in Falmouth.

Branding Irons

Branding Irons We have made a few branding irons for various makers, including Atelier Gourlaouen, Duchy Joinery, and Alex Etourneau.

Rosemary’s Grating

Rosemary’s Grating In 2015 Mr Ashley Butler ordered a full castle teak grating with a fitted margin for the fife 8m called Rosemary.

Helston Elm

Expertrees sourced this beautiful elm for me in Helston. It was a danger to a property and had to come down. Josh at Jo Saw mill in Made cut it for me.