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Work boats

Work boats are often built more heavily than yachts. There are different methods of building and different build standards used. However, some work boats are converted to yachts and so the aesthetic and build standards must change. The following projects are a mixture of work boats that are working, such as Galilee, Lamorna and Girl Ruth, and work boats that are now yachts, such as Veryan, Curlew and Bonnie Lass.

1884 Working boat – Ajax

1884 Working boat – Ajax Ajax is a 28′ traditional working boat from the west. Perhaps the west of England. Perhaps the west of France. She may well have been a lugger and did in fact have a mortise in her mast step quite a far into the front of the boat. This mast step is the only...

Curlew Quay Punt

Curlew Quay Punt Barnaby Shepherd project managed the restoration of the Quay Punt Curlew. I worked with the existing team to finalise a few remaining jobs before the launch. These included the cockpit coamings, locker trims, winch installation, mizzen wedges and general...

St Michaels Mount Post Boat

St Michaels Mount Post Boat This punt design was based on the lines of an original post boat use to row the post from the mainland to the Mount.

Lamorna’s Foredeck Dec. ’18

Lamorna’s Foredeck Dec. ’18 When recaulking the foredeck in the summer of 2018, we noticed some water damage to the breast hook, beam-shelves, blocking and deck. In December 2019, we removed all of the damaged wood and discovered that the sheer strake on port side was also damaged, as was the...

New bulwarks on Galilee

New bulwarks on Galilee In 2015 the new owner of the Franchise brought the boat from Ullapool back to Newlyn. Her name was changed to the Galilee. Over the following years we replaced the sides of most of the oak stanchions, some deck blocking, sheer strakes, bulwarks, cappings, apron bolts,...

Veryan repairs

Veryan repairs The conscientious owner of quay punt Veryan incurred some damage to his cockpit when a fishing boat unintentionally rammed his bumpkin. It was repaired using as little new wood as possible whilst maintaining the functionality of the structure.