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Work boats

Work boats are often built more heavily than yachts. There are different methods of building and different build standards used. However, some work boats are converted to yachts and so the aesthetic and build standards must change. The following projects are a mixture of work boats that are working, such as Galilee, Lamorna and Girl Ruth, and work boats that are now yachts, such as Veryan, Curlew and Bonnie Lass.

Ægir in Stockholm

Ægir in Stockholm In 2016 my friend Fredrik suggested that we remove the top two planks from both sides of his Colin Archer pilot boat. We replaced the planks and added a little thickness to the sheer strakes because we had the thickness in the oak! We fastened them on and painted it...

Unity – Working for Westcountry Cutters

Unity – Working for Westcountry Cutters In 2014, Jon Bray had finished the design and preparation for his 40ft gaffer Unity. We cast the lead keel, made up the centreline and stood the frames on the keel. Jon created his design having studied west country fishing boat shapes. She has a sensible gaff...

Pet – working for Butler & Co

Pet – working for Butler & Co Jon Bray led this restoration from Butler and Co of a 1902 pilchard driver from Porthleven. She has a new keel, stem, stern, planking, framing, deck and is awaiting her rig.