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Last year, naval architect Juliane Hempel specified a Wortmann profile and a 16.7% pre-balance (I’m learning to speak architect lingo day by day). After quite a few iterations to and froing between Germany and Sweden/Cornwall, we got to a design that we all agreed on and we started to dimension the plate and the assembly.

Sanco, the company that made all of the stainless rivets on Ester, also laser cut the stainless sections for the rudder. A local sheet metal worker made a very nice job of forming the two pieces of steel around the milled plywood mould.

When all of the components were ready, Bo and Joeran bent the 30/60mm stock to the correct angle and the rudder was assembled before tack welding. Johannes did a very accurate job of assembling before Kent was tasked to TIG weld the plates up without kinking it too much. The balance specified by Julianne has proved tom handle very well and produced a light and responsive rudder.